Thursday, April 14, 2011

Public Transport Etiquette

  1. Move to the back of the bus or train carriage - it might be early in the morning or at the end of a long day at work but WAKE UP and realise other people are crammed like sardines. If you can, move back so there's one less person left frustrated at the bus stop.
  2. Invest in decent headphones. Tinny muffled sounds from loud, leaky headphones can drive everyone around you crazy. You might love the sounds of death-metal or Chinese opera but the people near you won't. Turn it down to save your hearing (and your travel neighbours' sanity) or buy decent headphones that keep the sounds for your ears only.
  3. Don't wait to be told - body odour issues are hard to stomach on crowded public transport. If you are standing in a sea of space whilst others huddle away and breathe through an oxygen mask, you need (a better) deodorant. Take the hint…
  4. Similarly, everybody should get up to give a seat to the elderly, anyone with mobility issues, pregnant women and those with babes in arms. Do your good deed today and show the students how it's done.
  5. Remember 'Clive the too-loud commuter' sketches from The Chaser show? Keep that in mind next time you're chatting to your new lover, ex-girlfriend or psychologist on your mobile. Sometimes phone conversations can add interest to a dull trip but then maybe your travel companions will know a whole lot more about you than is decent…
  6. Don't read adult magazines, a wide broadsheet newspaper or catalogues for products that help irritable bowel syndrome. Privacy and elbow room is not possible.
  7. If you have had the luxury of a seat during your journey, please don't be the first one standing and pushing into the aisle to get off the bus or train. Take a deep breath, relax for half a minute more and let the poor sods who had to stand, off first.
  8. Don't sneeze, cough or cut your fingernails all over the place. It's gross and spreads disease (including the 'I can't bear to catch the bus anymore' virus which is no good for our traffic).

This video might not related to public transport entirely. But it is worth watching.