Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cause-Effect Essay .

Example of Cause-Effect Essay.
Cause and Effects of Smoking.
Nowadays , it is common if we come across many articles about smoking and badly can they affect our lives in various terms such as health when we flip through the newspapers . It seems like smoking has become major concern . We will also be updated about people who died because of their smoking habit which leads to many diseases . According to Terry Martin ( 2007 ) , smoking is the prime factor of heart disease , stroke and chronic lung disease . Therefore , various efforts have been done in order to decrease the amount of smokers . As for Malaysians , we have been exposed about smoking and how smoking could bring troubles to us in the future . As for the students , as they learnt Science subjects , they will be taught clearly about the content of cigarettes such as nicotine  and how each content contribute to all the bad effects . However , despise all that bad stories about smoking habit , people seem to not care and still carry on with their unforgiveable smoking habits . There are various causes and effects of smoking . Smoking can be caused by various influences and can affect people’s health and appearance .
A reason why people start smoking could be from living with people who smoke. Children who grow up with smokers take up the habit more frequently than those who grow up in a smoke-free home. According to Poushali Ganguly ( 2008 ) ,  smoking parents might influence their children to start smoking . As teenagers are very immature in order to decide ,  they frequent see in their point of view that smoking is a sign of growing up .. They will begin by imitating the way their parents smoking using non-cigarettes and as time pass by , they will be thrilled to test the real cigars which will lead them to various bad effects throughout their whole lives . Peer influence seems to play an important role in smoking. As all of us know  , friends are major part of teenagers’ life . If they have friends who smoke , there is a high possibility that they will smoke in order to fit in with their friends . As they are stress , their friends might take advantage to persuade them to try smoking . They will tell their friends how smoking can help them release stress . As they are their friends , they will easily trust their friends  and try smoking . As they smoke once , they will tend to continue smoking and become addicted . As a result , they can hardly leave the smoking habit and should be prepared to become sick in the future . Advertising techniques are one of the main reasons that people begin to smoke.  According to Brian Welsch ( 2008 ) , cigarettes advertisements never tell the bad consequences of smoking . Have you ever seen a billboard with normal, middle aged person smoking? Do they show people with stained teeth, wrinkled faces, and a large cloud of smoke hovering over their heads- the direct results of smoking. No. This is because that action will scare the non-smokers as well as the smokers and will consequently affect their business . Regardless their selfishness , they tend to publish very creative cigarettes advertisements and attract the non-smokers to try smoking . As for the smokers , they will continue smoking and become heavy smoker . All cigarettes advertisements are designed to look cool , attractive and downright sexy . This will pull the teenagers’ desire to try on cigarettes .
As people speak about smoking habit , we already know that cigarettes affect health in a negative way . We are well  aware that smoking habit contributes to many types of cancer such as lung and bladder cancer . Little did we know that smoking habit can also lead to a disease we seldom heard about which is pulmonary disease . The worst part is , smoking can lead to very chronic obstructive pulmonary disease . According to Brian Welsch ( 2008 ) , this disease can lead to death if the patients have not being treated badly . This is because this disease involve airways and air sacs . The airways and air sacs will lose their shape and become floppy . As a result , less air will get in and less air will get out due to the loss of elasticity by the airways and air sacs . In conclusion , this disease will lead to respiratory problems . For a smoking mother who is pregnant , her smoking habit can also affects herself and her baby very badly . According to Paul Courtney ( 2004 ) , smoking could give various complications to both mother and her baby during pregnancy and delivery . As for the mother , she can be hospitalized due to excessive vomiting as it is not good for her health . She might get tired vomiting because every time she vomits , she might lose some nutrients .  This is because pregnant mothers need enough nutrients for herself and her baby . As for the newborns , their size is greatly altered due to smoking . Normally , pregnant mothers will deliver their babies earlier . This pre term delivery newborns usually are in smaller size compared to non-premature babies . Other than that , consequences can also develop later in childhood . The children might be getting some diseases such as asthma and might affects the children’s academic reputation as well . Smoking not just effect smokers’ health but non-smokers too . According to Kevin Mathias ( 2007 ) , people who inhale smoke from cigarettes have a very high risk to get various diseases such as cough , nausea , headache , eye irritation , sore throat , dizziness and respiratory problems . Therefore , it is proven that smoking habit bring bad effects to people’s health regardless whether that person is a smoker or a non-smoker . As we can see , smoking habit brings no good to health .
Furthermore , smoking habit can also affects one’s appearance . As all of us know , bad appearance can affect our self-confidence . According to Brian Welsch ( 2008 ) , smokers tend to have those “ smoker ‘s face “ , a condition that is identified on 1965 . Usually , smokers skin has grey tint to it and it is pale . Nevertheless , smokers also tend to have more wrinkles than non-smokers . This is due to the narrow of the blood vessels near the surface skin and fibers that damage .Other than that , smokers also have their own facial expression . Smokers always do the lips pursing and eye squinting . It is as if they are holding cigarettes and avoiding smoke . Smoking also give bad body appearance . Normally , smokers appeared to become anemic . This is smoking restricted the body from utilizing some vitamins as they should . For instance ,  smoking damage the depletions of Vitamin A and Vitamin C . Vitamin A is involved actively in repairing skin while Vitamin C is an antioxidant and helps the body absorb iron .That is why smokers appeared to be anemic or in other words , thin . Therefore , if we observe hard enough , we might find that heave smokers are not well-fitted . Otherwise , they are very skinny and seems very sick all the time as if they suffer from any disease . Moreover , most smokers appeared to be unhappy with their lives . This might be caused by their awareness of how bad things will become in the future because of their bad smoking habit . They might be worried of their health . As a normal person , a smoker also has certain people whom they care about very much . They may also feel worried in case their bad smoking habit will consequently effect their loved one’s health . According to Jwesly Stiffen ( 2008 ) , the pleasure that all the smokers feel from having a smoke is because they are already addicted to smoking . Therefore , we are sure that they do not feel quite as happy inside as how pleasure they look outside . So , it is vivid that smoke can degrade our appearance in every possible way .
Smoking habit is bad to everyone . Smoking habit brings bad effects all the way . Smoking habit degrade our physical appearances . This can cause us to have very low self confidence and people around us might not feel comfortable to be near us . Other than that , smoking habit also effects our health in a very bad . The worst part is , smoking habit not just effects the smokers themselves but the non-smokers as well . This is due to the content of cigarettes . Smoking can mainly be caused by many influences . As most early smokers are teenagers , they tend to be influenced by parents who smoke , friends as well as media mass because they are too curious to try new things . Thus , based on the effects , it is clear that smoking is bad and can affects everyone . So , all smokers should quit smoking to create a better lifestyle .

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