Thursday, February 10, 2011

Compare- Contrast Essay

        Compare- Contrast Essay 

          Teenagers usually find a side job during long holidays . This is because they want to feed their lifestyle . Some of them find that job in order to buy branded clothes , new hand phones and many other cool stuff .  I am one those teenagers that apply for jobs during my holiday. My aim was to gain some useful experience and fill my leisure usefully . I want to get to know many people and experience the real suffer to earn money so that I would appreciate money . During my last holiday , I managed to work at two different bakery houses which are Secret Recipe and Yee’s Bakery . Although both of them are bakery houses but I happened to observe many differences . There are differences regarding the dress code , business hours and style of working .

There are slightly some differences regarding the dress code . As I worked at Secret Recipe , I was asked to obey the dress code . My working attire was a red blouse with a pair of black pants and a pair of shiny black shoes on my feet . The dress code might sound a bit fussy but I think it was quite a good feeling to have my colleagues wearing the same thing like I did . Other than that , I was also provided with a name tag which actually helped a lot . This is because , as there was my name on it , it will be easier for the customers and my colleagues to alert me if they were in need of my assistance . When I was working at the Yee’s Bakery , it was different . I need not to follow any dress code as I was allowed to wear anything as long as the attire was comfortable and not too much for my work . That was easier as I can wear anything I wish without any hesitance . It felt more comfortable being able to wear the shirt I wanted to while working compared to when I had to wear uniform . However , I have to admit that it was kind of not neat . Furthermore ,I like the idea of uniformity while working because that actually helps a lot to motivate me to work hard . This is because uniformity helps building teamwork among the workers . So , there is a huge difference of dress code between Secret Recipe and Yee’s Bakery .

                Despite the differences on the dress code , there were also some differences regarding the working hours . I worked for six hours daily at Secret Recipe as each shift consists of six hours . The workers need to work according to shift . However , I need to work extra hours every time there were festive seasons such as Chinese New Year and Christmas Day . Sometimes , I even worked since 9.30 am until 12.00 am . This is due to the too many cake reservations we had to deal with . We also took reservations for many other occasions such as wedding ceremonies and birthday celebrations . In other words , my working hours were very packed as Secret Recipe also plays as a restaurant that serves customers . However , things were different  when I worked at Yee’s Bakery. The bakery is located near my residential area . The business hours were made specific . I started working at exactly 8.30am in the morning and end at 6.00pm everyday . Other than that , I also got leave for every festive season . As for the festive season that I celebrate such as Hari Raya Aidiladha , I got extra days of leaving . Truth be told , my working hours there were quite loose because that bakery was a lot different compared to Secret Recipe mostly because Secret Recipe is more popular than Yee’s Bakery . Therefore, we did not get reservations as many as when I worked at Secret Recipe previously .

                Other than that ,there is also slightly some differences about the style of working . Honestly , I admit that working in Secret Recipe claimed me to be really disciplined . This is because , I needed to start my job half an hour earlier and ended my job half an hour later . As working at Secret Recipe claimed us to communicate with our customers a lot , therefore , I needed to be very polite all the time just to satisfy my customers . However , working at Yee’s Bakery was kind of different as I needed not to communicate so much with the customers because normally , senior workers will take orders from customers and the junior workers will only prepare for the reservations . On one hand , working at Secret Recipe was more tiring than working at Yee’s Bakery. I did not get any  rest except during my recess time . That was due to the pack working hours and the many reservations I needed to deal with . On the other hand , working at Yee’s Bakery was quite enjoyable as we did not get too many reservations . Therefore , it was less tiring as we did not have to rush in order to settle down with all the reservations . There were always some time where all the workers got to talk and laugh with each other .

                In conclusion , working at Secret Recipe is different than working at Yee’s Bakery . There is slightly some differences about the style of working . When I was working at Secret Recipe , I was taught to be a very disciplined worker as I need to follow certain rules and communicate politely with the customers . Next difference is the working hours . Working at Secret Recipe was more stressful because I was asked work according to shifts and sometimes work extra hours during special occasions . The last difference is the dress code . Working at Secret Recipe claimed me to follow the dress code provided while I can wear anything when I work at Yee’s Bakery . However , I like working at Secret Recipe more than I like working at Yee’s Bakery .


So that was the essay I wrote about one ago. Instead of telling you what makes it a compare-contrast essay, why do not I leave you analyzing the whole essay and analyse it yourself? So, get you brain work a little and figure it out. I will tell you a few types of essays in the next post and so will tell you what makes the essay being categorized into different types of essay. Enjoy !

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