Friday, January 28, 2011

Tips to excel in an interview .

Hello dear readers : )
So , this entry would be a little different but not less educational . If in the previous posts , I shared a few useful knowledge regarding Grammar , today , I would like to share some tips  things you need to on how to excel in an English interview . I know this would be handful for my readers . So sit laid back and enjoy this entry : )

Dear readers , in order to succeed in an English interview , you must be well-prepared . There are tasks you need to complete before and during the interview . There are things you need to pay attention to . 

Before the Interview:

First and foremost ,if not already taking an English course, take a pre-test to determine your current level of English and what needs to be addressed as far as grammar, pronunciation, fluency, issues. Take note . One very important tip  is to find  a good  English teacher or a friend with an advanced level of English (even better if native) and ask him or her to interview you and provide you with feedback afterwards. This would be very useful on order to measure your level .

Next , write an introduction of yourself. In this introduction you should include relevant information about your past, present and future life: Family life, profession/occupation, hobbies, past experiences, and goals for the future .

Practice reading the previous description in front of a mirror. Make sure you look at the mirror every now and then, this way you can learn to keep eye contact. When you can do it well enough, do it in front of an English teacher or a person with a level higher than yours. Ask them to give you some feedback on it.

Convert the information from your description into questions and practice with a partner. Answer each question in a complete way. Make sure you include key information from the question in your answer. For example: What do you think you will have achieved by the end of the year? Possible Answer: By the end of the year, I think I will do a lot better in my studies .

Congratulations , you have completed the steps to excel in an English interview before that particular interview . Now , I shall provide you with tips on what to do on the day of interview .

On the day of interview , make sure you arrive at the testing center well before the test. You need to be on time because not being on time will say a lot about your personality . Remember , this interview determines your future , somehow . Furthermore , you could use a little more time to get ready and settle down . So , being on time is important .
Next ,greet the interviewer and wait for instructions. Do not just jump in and do the talking . That would be bad for your reputation . Be polite .
If you miss part of the question, ask for a repetition politely . The interviewer sure will repeat the question nicely for you .
Next , maintain eye contact with the interviewer but do not stare. Eye contact is important in order to tell the interviewer that you are confident . Remember , being confident is important to succeed in an interview .
Be mindful of your pronunciation and grammar, as well as volume and speed. Do not talk too loud nor too slow . Do not talk too fast not too slow a pace . 
The most important thing is to smile and maintain a pleasant attitude. This would help you score some extra marks .

Click on the url below for a useful video that could be your reference :

So how's the tips ? I hope you find it useful because I do .

Do your best!

Here's a video of a mock interview especially for my readers.

Knowing is not enough,we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do.

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